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Services post-sale

Customer service
Post-sale service will provide information on prices and quotes, sales to the counter, follow-up on sales procedures, as well as guarantee verification and consultation on repairs to our products.

We offer consultancies to solve auxiliary doubts and help our clients to make a correct purchase decision according to the needs of the agricultural producer.

Trainings and demos
We offer training and demonstrations aimed at our distributors so that they can direct the sale of equipment for the field with updated and professional information.

JAS agricultural machinery grants you a guarantee certificate to support the quality of the newly acquired product against production defects.
We promise to correct any manufacturing defect free of charge through authorized distributors in accordance with the provisions of article 79 of the federal consumer protection law.

Shipping management
We have transportation service to all of Mexico. Post-sale service will provide information on the status of your order, as well as any questions that may arise regarding it in question.

We have trained personnel to repair against any failure that may arise in agricultural machinery equipment, regardless of the model or year of purchase.

Spare parts
We have a wide list of spare parts for any model of agricultural machinery for sale and products that we represent.


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